1. Administrative Services

    The Administrative Services Department is responsible for the management of the procurement process, protection of the city's physical assets and related support services for citizens and city operations.

  2. Animal Services

    Animal Services delivers effective, courteous, and responsive animal care and control services to the residents of Frisco. Animal Services accomplishes the goals of protecting public safety and ensuring animal welfare through compassionate, responsive, professional enforcement of the laws and public policy.

  3. Budget Office

    The Budget Office, a part of the Financial Services Department, is responsible for preparing and monitoring the City of Frisco’s Annual Budget. Find quick access to city budgets and budget meeting presentations.

  4. Communications

    Access cable channel information, city newsletters, events, volunteer opportunities, and more.

  5. Community Development

    Our goal is to preserve existing low and moderate income housing, to assist very low, low and moderate income owners / occupants in bringing their dwellings up to an acceptable standard, and to enhance and revitalize neighborhoods within the city.

  6. Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Learn more about tourism, attractions and what makes Frisco a destination city.

  7. Development Services

    The Development Services Department includes Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Health & Food Safety, Neighborhood Services and Planning.

  8. Economic Development

    Since its establishment in 1991, the Frisco Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) has facilitated every major economic development project in the City of Frisco.

  9. Emergency Management

    Find out how Frisco is prepared for emergencies.

  10. Engineering Services

    Learn about the Engineering Services Department.

  11. Environmental Services

    Find resources related to your trash and recycling needs and learn ways to keep Frisco environmentally friendly through community programs.

  12. Financial Services

    Access city accounting, budget and tax information and services.

  13. Fire

    The mission of the Fire Department is to protect lives, property and the environment from the adverse effects of fires, illness, accidents, natural disasters and other hazards by promoting public safety education and maintaining a well-equipped, highly trained and motivated workforce of professional firefighters and rescue personnel.

  14. Frisco Fire Safety Town

    Frisco Fire Safety Town, a unique, miniature town located next to Central Fire Station, is dedicated to providing hands-on learning opportunities for children in the community.

  15. GIS

    Geographic Information Services (GIS) is an internal services bureau which supports a wide variety of departments in their daily operations by creating, maintaining, analyzing, and providing access to location-based data.

  16. Health & Food Safety

    Find resources about public health, restaurant scores, food safety, pool ordinances, and surveillance of other health concerns.

  17. Human Resources

    Find information about Frisco benefits, employment and current job openings.

  18. Library

    The Frisco Public Library was built from the ground up by a team of dedicated citizens committed to the spirit of literacy and intellectual freedom.

  19. Municipal Court

    Find information about court proceedings, jury service, fee payments and court programs.

  20. Parks & Recreation

  21. Police

  22. Public Works

    Seek information on water, sewer, streets, and other services.

  23. Purchasing

    View details on procurement, the bid process and doing business with the City of Frisco.

  24. Stormwater

    Access details on the stormwater program and preventing stormwater pollution.

  25. Tax

    Take a look at tax rates and information.

  26. Utility Billing

    Register an account, find details involving your utility statement and make payments online.

  27. Water Resources

    Learn how to conserve and use water wisely.