Financial Transparency

​The Finance Department is responsible for preparing financial reports that promote transparency and accountability. The financial documents on the left navigation of this page are available for your review.

Financial Summary:

The following summary data is from the government-wide Statement of Activities in the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The government-wide Statement of Activities reports the results of the City's operations on an accrual basis of accounting. Revenues are recognized when earned and expenses are recognized at the time the liability is incurred.

The per capita figures are based on the City's 2016 estimated population of 158,180.

Revenues and Transfers

       Fiscal Year 2016 Per Capita
Revenues and Transfers:        
Governmental Activities $97,716,101 $617.75
Sales Tax $37,826,251 $239.13
Franchise fees

$9,366,054 $59.21
Program revenues $234,185,033  $1,480.50  
Other revenues $25,194,192 $159.28
Transfers  $2,358,417 $14.91
Total Governmental Activities $406,646,048 $2,570.78

Business-type Activities:

Program revenues $127,904,356 $808.60
Other revenues $898,584 $5.68
Transfers ($2,358,417) ($14.91)
Total Business-type Activities $126,444,523 $799.37
TOTAL REVENUES $533,090,571

Governmental Activities $220,393,736 $1,393.31
Business-type Activities $92,605,715 $585.45
Total Expenses $312,999,451 $1,978.75
Change in Net Position $220,091,120 $1,391.40
Other Information         
Fiscal Year 2016 Budgeted full-time equivalent positions  1,187

Property Tax Per Capita
Tax Rate Per 100
Revenues Per Capita
Expenses Per Capita
Sales Tax Per Capita